September 6, 2016
Critical Acclaim for 2016 Concert Tour in South America


Ishay Shaer's tour in South America, which included recitals for the Sociedad Filarmónica de Lima and Fundación Beethoven in Santiago, came to an end last August, leaving behind a number of favourable reviews.

Here is a translation of some quotes from the review published in the Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, by Jaime Donoso:


On the edge of the impossible

"Of the three sonatas that make up Op. 31, No. 2 has the most musical content and formal innovation. Particularly, the first movement demonstrates remoteness from the schemes of Classicism and ventures into an almost experimental language".

"Each of the movements was performed with smoothness and structural clarity, achieving a perfect balance between emotional power and architecture, a goal that is always difficult to attain in the Beethovenian language.

The technical demands are at the limit of what is humanly possible and Shaer dealt with them masterfully. In addition to the finesse and transparency of his touch, it was remarkable to see how, with a rather circumspect attitude, he was able to make the instrument thunder, while achieving symphonic sonorities that seemed to come from the inside of his body. A great pianist.

Shaer, once again, chose restraint and conferred full meaning to each piece, while avoiding emotional overload and expressing pathos, innocence, tragedy and joy in the right measure.
To affirm his great merits, the pianist played a beautiful version of "Mouvement" from the first set of "Images" by Debussy as an encore".


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