April 13, 2018
Late Beethoven CD Received with Warm Applause

On the 17th of November, 2017, Ishay Shaer launched a new solo album, which is entirely dedicated to late works by Beethoven. Soon after the release by the British label, Orchid Classics, it got airplay in world-leading radio stations, such as BBC Radio 3, France Musique, New York's WQXR and Chicago´s WFMT. At the same time, it was also given 5 stars by The Straits Times, 5 stars by the Austrian magazine Evolver, 4 stars by BBC Music Magazine, 4.5 stars by the Australian Limelight, 9/10 by Classics Today, and  was listed as a top pick for 2017 in The Cross-Eyed Pianist blog. Here are some quotes: 


Álvaro Menéndez Granda, from Codalario magazine, wrote:

"Ishay Shaer is one of those pianists that one joyfully celebrates having discovered. Shaer is not a Lang Lang, he is not a Trifonov, he is not a Wang. He does not need it. Shaer is Shaer and, fortunately for us, he pursues the individuality of his sound and looks for his own interpretative lines .. Throughout the seventy-five minutes of music that make up this recording we can listen to a pianist with really good technical capabilities, at the service of musical expression; an interpreter attentive to details, who has a very careful sound and shows a wonderful understanding of the musical discourse ... This is an essential recording on the shelf of any music lover."

Click here for the full review in Spanish


Alex Baran ,from The WholeNote magazine, wrote:

"[An] exceptional and sensitive performance...He plays from inside the works with profound affection...Shaer never misses the chance to explore a little deeper".

 Click here for the full review


Aart van der Wal, from OpusKlassiek magazine, wrote:

"Based on his interpretation of Beethoven’s late piano works, this young Israeli pianist is an eminent performer of Beethoven’s music ... hearing Shaer at work on these pieces is like a breath of fresh air¨.

Click here for the full review in Dutch


Andrea RG Pedrotti, from L'ape musicale, wrote:

"listening to the works on this CD, we notice how great importance is given to phrasing, through a particularly round sonority and a constant smoothness of execution ... The performer displays solid technique and skill in managing dynamics and agogic, but is distinguished mainly by the variety of colours, both appropriate and iridescent. Everything is performed as if it were a single narration and one seems to hear a story recited by eighty-eight keys, a life story that embodies lightheartedness, melancholy, anxiety, doubt, hope, restlessness, elegy and joy."

Click here for the full review in Italian


Blogger Pamela Hickman wrote:

"Ishay Shaer’s profound, insightful performance reflects the enigmatic mix of simplicity and complexity of these late Beethoven pieces."

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Amir Mandel, from Haaretz newspaper, wrote:

"Pianist Ishay Shaer ... surprises with an intimate and introverted version of late works by Beethoven, from which the drama emerges occasionally, in an implied manner ... the six bagatelles, Op. 126, musical diamonds that Shaer polishes well, and the eleven bagatelles, Op. 119, that sound elegant and peaceful, like a visit to a Japanese garden."

Click here for the full review in Hebrew


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